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500. Derek Sep. 14. 2012 14:40
How do u get threw lost woods this is bugging me I've listened to both soildherls and still nothing please help which was is north south west wast on this game
501. toxicBRILLIANCE Sep. 15. 2012 16:49
Truth Stone Location on YouTube for visual aid! Episode 37
for you CSW, you need the truth stone first because those stairs are illusions
Lost Woods Puzzle Solved on YouTube for visual aid! Episode 21
for you Derek, it would be easier if you just watch my walk through video then you can see how to solve the puzzle

I'm almost done with the whole visual walk through of the game it is all posted on my YouTube channel if you are interested in watching I have a playlist of all the episodes that I've recorded with live commentary, I'm the only one on YouTube that has Gailardia 2 videos uploaded so it won't be hard to find my channel/ the videos if you do have trouble just search toxicBRILLIANCE or BLEACH9775X either one will do it.
Hope it helps and hope you enjoy watching
Thank you!
502. nezkeys79 Oct. 31. 2012 11:25
For free piano transcriptions of gailardias 1-3 music email me.
503. Nov. 04. 2012 02:33
how do I get the boss to be there,by the town where I get the map
504. sherlene Nov. 18. 2012 08:07
Where is calandora town located on here? Sailing around and dont know where to go to find it. North or south east or west and from where
505. Tommyc Jan. 15. 2013 15:24
If you cant find the truth stone its because you bavnt spoken to everyone in raidin castle you cannot complete almost any task if you do not speak to everyyyyyone

506. toxicBRILLIANCE Mar. 06. 2013 21:04
My Gailardia 2 Walkthrough on YouTube is finally complete!
50 episodes 100% Item Encyclopedia Completion

If anybody needs some help with the game come on by and check it out!

Thanks for another great game!
507. stressedout66 Mar. 08. 2013 04:54
Simple.... Pearl locations
508. stressedout66 Mar. 22. 2013 01:46
Dose anyone know how to get the compass in 3.... Just thought throw this out there.. Just need the right order for that cave
509. cj Jun. 21. 2013 15:01
Where is moris town in gailardia 2

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