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282. snatchyamoneyNrun Jul. 25. 2013 12:14
Where is the final pearl location?
283. David Jul. 25. 2013 22:13
Depends on which pearl you think is the last one...

For me the last one was the South Sea Pearl and I found it in the cave that takes you to the town of Despair. But the Freshwater Pearl is in the tower South of Elisa. The Mabe Pearl is in Elisa. The Poppy Pearl is in Howard Castle (but you need the Hookshot). The White Pearl is at the end of a river West of the Romario Shrine. The Black Pearl is in a treasure chest in the graveyard. And the Oyster Pearl is in Mystia. Hope that helps!
284. snatchyamoneyNrun Jul. 26. 2013 06:57
Yeah that was helpful I have red, yellow, blue, black, white and purple pearls, where is the last one? Help please
285. snatchyamoneyNrun Jul. 26. 2013 06:58
I mean gems above not pearls
286. Nolbertos Jul. 29. 2013 02:46
I finiahed Gailardia 1 through 3. Just wondering if 4 through 6 will be released soon?? If not, can we start a kickstarter campaign to make it happen.
287. Admin Jul. 29. 2013 05:59
I know things have been relatively quiet here as of late, but I just want to let you all know that we would like to release Gailardia 4 in English just as much as you folks want to play it. Right now we don't have any plans to localize the game, but it is something we want to do someday when the timing is right. Thank you all again for your continued support and for playing the first three titles in the Gailardia series, and also for helping each other out here in the forums.
288. Aug. 01. 2013 22:43
For post #284: You're missing the Green gem. Ask the dog in Colma City. :)
289. Aug. 01. 2013 22:48
Regarding posts 286 and 287...

To the Admin: How much money does it take to localize a game. I like the kickstarter idea from post 286. Can we look into it?
290. Admin Aug. 02. 2013 06:50
I'll talk to the boss about Kickstarter and let you guys know what he says.

As for the cost of localization, it mostly involves the cost of hiring a competent translator. (If you hire a cheap translator, expect a terrible translation.) For a game with a lot of text like Gailardia and other RPGs, the price tag runs up to a few thousand dollars. While Gailardia games sell better than any of our others in English, they are also far more costly to make.
291. Admin Aug. 10. 2013 09:25
We've looked into Kickstarter and will continue to consider that option. Other than financial considerations, there is also the issue of scheduling such a massive project amidst all the other many new and ongoing projects we have for our numerous Japanese titles. In short, we will localize Gailardia 4 when the time is right, and any news will be posted here before anywhere else. Thanks as always for playing and participating in the forums!
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