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925. Spanner Jun. 19. 2013 05:44
I just got the alum ore, then gave it to the boat builder, got the world map, came back and the boat builder hasnt put the boat in my inventory. He said he was just doing the finishing touches, said he gave me a token of his appreciation even tho there was nothing put in my inventory, then said if i want another one to bring him materials. Do i have to wait lomger or something?
926. APayroingory Jun. 20. 2013 04:49
927. JTPD Jun. 30. 2013 09:45
@925 The boat is waiting outside of the town.
928. carolcarol Jul. 03. 2013 20:36
Hi can anyone help I'm stuck at Howard castle thanks
929. skeevy Aug. 21. 2013 16:10
Where is elisa town?
930. kai Aug. 25. 2013 00:14
How can i get the hero equipment(miracle armor)?
931. Peeker33 Sep. 04. 2013 05:48
Where do you find the green demon?
932. jacob Sep. 20. 2013 23:25
I'm new to the game and I have my Wizard to level 10, but I don't learn any new spells. I see it say I learned a new spell, but nothing shows up. All I have is mini heal and teleport. Am I doing something wrong or is therea glitch?
933. Admin Sep. 23. 2013 06:41
There are two things you should check. First, the new spells you have learned may be battle spells. They only appear in battle. Likewise, spells you can only use outside of battle only appear at that time. Second, you may have so many spells they fill up the first page of the spell selection menu. Scroll left or right to view another page.

Hope that helps!
934. jacob Sep. 23. 2013 12:39
I figured it out. When you're on the spell screen you can press left or right to flip between different lists of spells.
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