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1. Admin Mar. 25. 2011 03:46
This is Gailardia Walkthrough Forum.
2. xray Mar. 26. 2011 07:38
Great game
3. chubbs Mar. 28. 2011 05:26
Once I get the the third level of the cave in the desert area the one where your supposed the get the iron ore I can't go any further the soilder there says that iron is just beyond here but when I try to go down the path I walk past it on to the black part and can't go any further. Anyone else ran into this?
4. Mar. 28. 2011 06:18
How do I get the cell key anybody know?
5. nilechim Mar. 28. 2011 08:07
@chubbs just search at the end of that little path
6. chubbs Mar. 28. 2011 08:30
Thanks nilechim! I would have never thought of that I really thought it was just glitching out. Ha ha thanks again
7. ne1gotryce Mar. 28. 2011 22:13
how far is everyone in the game?
8. chubbs Mar. 28. 2011 17:18
I'm level 20ish I'm trying to find the key for the cell doors. I already have the gold key
9. Mar. 29. 2011 03:47
When you give the ore to build the boat what you do next?

10. chubbs Mar. 28. 2011 21:15
Go get your world map
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