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915. sheltonsmith26 May. 04. 2013 21:29
Try the second entrance john, there's another dragon and its there in a chest
916. Stuck at bridge May. 06. 2013 04:31
Can figure the next step. I need a ship, but I need a map first. The map is not in stock. I need to go to the mines but a guard won't let me past. The next town (Romiro?) Has a bridge past it but it is broken. All dead ends. What is the next step from here
917. sheltonsmith26 May. 08. 2013 01:47
Go back to the king, that sent you to the mines and talk to him, the guard will move, find the ore, then take it to the ship builder, once the ship building has it, go and get the world map, once you obtain the world map, go back to the ship builder and get your ship, it will be waiting outside after you talk to the builder.
918. Stuck at bridge May. 15. 2013 10:21
919. Abram May. 17. 2013 13:21
Where do you find the key
920. Abram May. 17. 2013 13:22
The cell key i meant my bad:)
921. sheltonsmith26 May. 27. 2013 19:49
i can't remember where exact, I think it was in a cave... sorry its been a while since I was there, I'm at the end now still
922. sheltonsmith26 May. 27. 2013 19:52
just check what the people say they are bound too give a clue
923. sheltonsmith26 May. 27. 2013 19:57
after you defeat the green demon, teleport to elisa town and go towards the broken brdge, it will be fixed.. talk to the soldier next to the bridge and he'll give you the cell.
if it doesn't become fixed you need too use the gold key in a cave around thr broken bridge island and then find the patch of grass by the leaves, this patch should be in the middle of the leaves, then I think you search at your feet, tel too a guy in the little patch (you fall in) and then go out and it should be fixed.
924. smalls Jun. 06. 2013 02:15
Where do you obtain the hero shield? Haven't heard any NPC's mention it...

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